Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ruby and The Rockits


"Ruby & The Rockits" ran for 10 episodes - a total of 5 agonizingly long hours. 

At HAWT TV we know you didn't watch the show to see that slut Ruby discover she wasn't an orphan. 

At HAWT TV we know you only want to see Jordan, so why sit through 5 hours when instead, you can watch just the parts with Jordan in it (the HAWT parts) and skip all the rest (the fluff). You don't care about the "trivial existence" of other characters in the show and we don't either!

We have mercilessly chopped almost 4 1/2 hours of the fluff out to provide you with just the HAWT parts - in six "bite-size" segments.

Part 1 (5:27)
Part 2 (5:46)
Part 3 (7:57)
Part 4 (5:20)
Part 5 (4:15)
Part 6 (8:11)

Enjoy the show - enjoy Jordan!


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