Friday, December 12, 2008


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  1. If you could get an app for the Iphone/Ipod going on, you'd make a lot of us twink addicts so happy! Just a mobile viewer that calls the day's posts with an option to save favorites to a photo album, or email faves with a link. If I was an app developer, I'd offer my services, but, sadly, I'm not. There are *way* too many apps like this geared to straight guys, and the rest of us are dying for something like this. Right now, all there really is is Handsome Boy Wonderland & Hot Emo Boyz, both of which...kinda' suck. Help us! PS - lurve the site!

  2. OMG well said....iphone app please.... ;-)

  3. There is a mobile reader... does this work?

  4. some twinks look so damn young -- i;d like further confirmation with the really young-looking ones that i;m looking at guys of legal age, please!

  5. This is NOT a porn blog (i.e. no frontal nudity)... but please advise any particular images that are "of concern" so that I can better address your request, thanks.

  6. Where is H A W T Unplugged?

  7. HOORAY THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. For the moment just THANKS!!!

  9. Bring back HAWT Unplugged please, and thanks for this excellent blog. Can I suggest anonymous of January 14th above goes somewhere else.

  10. Response to the "What is Not Working" comment - "should add an .zip archive file and let ppl download pics"...

    lol... haha... lol... NO!!!

    I can't imagine a reason why I would want to do that?!? Kind of defeats the whole purpose of all of this doesn't it?!?

  11. this blog is fabulous --great taste --gorgeous guys --just what i like


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