Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Austin Butler - Best of Rockits - Part Six - Final

In this final episode we see unparallelled drama, intrigue, and hawtness unfold before us.

Not since Jesse McCartney in his role as Bradin in the "under-appreciated" series Summerland have we seen this level of dramatic excellence and stagecraft. Not since Marlon Brandon uttered (in a loud voice) Sheila... or Stella (whatever...) have we seen such a display of emotion as when Jordan passionately cries out "that's not good enough!!" in the first theatre scene.  Without question our lives have been "touched" and enriched forever through Austin's performance and hawtness.... (insert dramatic sigh here)... ENJOY...

I invite others to "share" their emotional connection with this episode by inserting their "shared emotion" to this video as expressed through annotations.


  1. Cute guy, horrible actor on a horrible show, with horrible writing. But cute.

  2. Fortunately cute was my only criteria... nothing shallow here :)


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