Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Austin Butler - Best of Rockits - Part Five

In this first part of the thrilling two part conclusion of the series, Jordan actually dons something other than his signature plaid shirt. How hawt is that?


  1. No plaid? Well, his PJ pants were plaid in that scene, but I was distracted by his man-slippers actually. ;)

    Have I told you that I LOVE you for these vids? :D *muah all over your face*

  2. You're right!! I thought the scene was "plaid free"... lol... I should have known that you would have gone through the whole video "frame by frame" :) Luv ya back :)

  3. oh wait, upon closer inpection...the PJ pants are pinstriped! which is even hawttttter! I took a nice screen shot (at 3:41) of Butler crawling into the tent on all fours which happens to accentute his bunz quite nicely..oh yes it does ;) gimme those!!!


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