Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Artistry of Male

This is the first time I am ever promoting a blog in a post - and I am only doing it because he was one of this blogs earliest supporters and is a great guy. When I was new he offered moral support, advice, and friendship. I try to do the same to new bloggers and every time one of them thanks me for my support, I smile and think of Phil and all he did for me.

Phil use to run the Buckskin Cafe, the pictures below are from his new blog and you can see that we have similar taste.  Welcome back Phil!!


  1. Cool! I wasn't expecting this. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you doing this for me.
    Cheers, Artistry of Male and Adonis Rising

  2. Glad to see him back, I added him in the Bambiboy links also :))

  3. Phil is the best!

  4. I am also very happy Phil is back! I enjoyed Buckskin and i know i will enjoy this blog as well.


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