Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why Homosexuality Should Be Banned


  1. IF USA say that they are the LAND OF FREEDOM....
    Well, the FREEDOM of WHO?

    For all the rest that are not in these groups..
    USA is HELL.... MMM ??

    I'm so happy to be CANADIAN when I see and hear such BIGOTRY COMMENTS.

    JiEL, Montréal, Canada

  2. Same here, I'm happy to be Belgian when it comes to this.

  3. Hm....he makes a strong point about instant oatmeal....

  4. It is true what Hawtie Kayjen says though - I am over 6 ft tall - I have noticed that my nephew has grown taller since I have been hanging around him since he was a baby!

    I am very glad to be Canadian as well, but we need to support our friends to the south that are ever-increasingly finding their voices - and having it heard...against the backdrop of all the bigots and homophobes.

    The Nobel prize ( my thinking) was not so much for any specific achievement, but for fostering an environment where achievement can occur. Who cares if it is 10 years later than the rest of us... it is happening... slowly... but surely :)

    GWB cannot be undone in a year, smells like that tend to linger and foul the air for quite awhile - I say give Obama another year before we cast judgment :)

  5. Best. Ironic. Video. Ever.

  6. Funny, witty and... True. And cute! (OMG, I'm drooling again!)

  7. Everyone that thinks he is truely saying homosexuality should be banned isn't listening to what he is saying. He's being very sarcastic and compares it to other obscure items like say we have one religion, old people can't marry. Being around tall people make you tall. He does a good job of pointing out how stupid banning gay marrage or gays really is.

  8. He is too cute to be straight. And I do believe he is being sarcastic

  9. Come on! No one really thought he was a "hater" and missed the "over the top" absurdity did they?!?!

  10. A terrific video, and thank you to the folks at HAWT for bringing it to our attention.

  11. Next time take your clothes off, because we are
    banning those too


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