Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two Million Visitors

I have to admit... I still can't believe that without showing any dick this little blog has attracted (suckered) over 2 million visitors. Oh I know, you're all not "unique visitors" in Blogger terms, but you are all unique in my eyes - thank you.

I've been through all the trials and tribulations that I see the newbies going through now;
I've seen plenty of blogs come and go, and I've always admired those that have something to say, whether it be about their own struggles, or about life around them - they are the real bloggers that deserve the praise, admiration, and support of all of us in the gay community. I am fortunate to have grown and live in Toronto, but am constantly reminded through reading other blogs of how progressive my surroundings are and how different my life might be if lived in other communities so prevalent around the world (and still in Canada!) that still carry archaic attitudes about gay life. Violence still happens, homophobia is still rampant, self-loathing and fear are unfortunately still a part of many a gay man's life.

But enough about that, after all, I'm just a photo blog :)

In all sincerity, there are some special people that probably don't even remember all the support they provided when I was a newbie - Pat from Eyecatcher was the first fellow blogger that took an interest in my blog and offered support whenever I needed it. George from Link Collector advertised my blog when I thought I was the only one looking at it. There have been many along the way - Phil from Buckskin, Ricardo from CameraWhore, and so many others that supported my little blog when so many "big boy" asshole blogs wouldn't give me the time of day.

But my real thanks go out to those of you that visit on a regular basis. A big hug to my regular commenters, I don't always respond but I appreciate the effort you take to comment each and every time. Please try to make sure you visit some of the links, especially the new ones, and be sure to give them a comment, when you're new at this - and even seasoned - comments really give you a boost.

This is my 1,129th post and I have posted over 10,000 pictures and now average over 5,000 visitors a day. In your two favourite categories; Swim has over 900 pictures and Hawt Bums has over 750 (although Look is my personal favourite). The point of this blog was to show pictures of models I personally think are hawt. There are now 300 models showing - my two favourites are Roc Montandon and Joshua Walter. My first post was April 15, 2007 though I didn't start posting regularly until the end of March 2008.

As always, thanks for visiting and hope to see you back :)


  1. this is the most awesome website around any hoot let me know if you need a F/B around to help anybody out

  2. Thank you for doing it :) I check the blog every day... it is about the only place I check with such consistency... should I seek help? LOL.

    Also, I am from a very homophobic country... emigrated by now, but, I won't forget.

    Cheers and good luck!

  3. Congrats to a hard worker and a seemingly good guy. Thanks for all your help..and good luck!

  4. BILIKEME - "Seemingly" good guy?!?
    Anon1 - Everyone can always use a regular "F/B", where do you live? :)

  5. I'm sorry that I haven't commented in the past. Your blog is a wonderful daily treat! Thanks for all the effort it must take to maintain the high level of photos!

  6. a small part of your hits no doubt was from a post recommending you on the jockspank blog (2 million hits before google decided to block us ) - i posted a comment to advise we were supporting you on one of your 'bum; posts - which seemed to be deleted by yourself ... clearly you tool offense to this and it was deleted! nice of you

  7. Spankfan, although I don't remember the specific comment that I may have deleted, I do know that I tend to delete comments where I believe the sole purpose is to promote their blogs rather than commenting on a specific post. I am not saying that this was the nature of your comment, but I get lots of these, and I have to go through a number of posts and delete them. I consider that spamming. I don't moderate comments from the perspective that I need to approve them before they are posted, and I don't delete comments that are negative, but I WILL delete comments that are SPAM. My email is available for any that want to contact me about link exchanges - I don't have any problem with "spanking" - there's a fine line between pleasure and pain. If I offended you, then I apologize. I'd have no problem with linking to JockSpank II, but it is not being updated, if you have a blog that you are now running, send me an email.

    I ain't perfect... I will not (to my knowledge) link to sites where clicking a picture leads you to a paysite. I will not link to a site that features under-age pornography (a difficult and subjective dilemna!), I (generally) will not link to a blog that has not been around for at least a few months since there are so many that come and go. I also remove links from blogs that people stop updating - sometimes it can be a daunting and tedious task. Oh yeah, I can also be a very bitter fag, so if you've dropped the link to me, or don't link back, chances are your link ain't staying :)

  8. I have only left 1 or 2 comments, but i do visit daily and i truly enjoy looking at the quality photos and occasional verbage. I especially like the "bums" post!!. it is my favorite part of a boi. Thank you and congrats on your "milestone"

  9. Congrats, good work deserves a good reward. I'm part of this minority who likes model posts than bums or swim. Thank your blog I've seen a good bunch of lovely twinks I didn't know. Sorry for beeing so lazy to comment. Cheers

  10. As a happy gay-pictorial webmaster myself, I know what you go through every day, so please let me congratulate you for 2M visitors and for lasting this long in the blog world! It is shocking how many blogs disappear so soon, about 40 percent from my bloglinks listings are blocked or gone within a few months. In terms of comments, I rarely get replies to my posts, and hoping for replies as a way to enforce one's, say, masculinity or even identity is probably not the way to go, and I would advise new or would-be gay bloggers not to expect too much in that regard. Thanks for being here, and for remaining steadfast for all our benefits! peace

  11. Congratulations!!!

    Keep the good work :)

    Marcello de Giuli
    YVY Mag

  12. Congrats on your milestone. I hope you reach many more and i love the ppics to. Not everyone wants to see cocks. THe male body should be enjoyed in allits forms and however they are displayed. Cheers Keep on blogging.

  13. Well done; - you've achieved a lot and it's very admirable.



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