Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lawrence Stiers


  1. William, yes I do, and more still, but you will have to be patient :) I tried out larger thumbnails on this post, since I made by blog wider the other day it gives more room. What do think? The larger thumbnails or the smaller?

  2. You have fullfilled my wish, lol.
    Lawrence is HAWT. Thanks for posting him on your blog.Some are in HQ,which is always nice. The larger thumbnails are ok to me,but maybe some viewers have a smaller screen, I dont know.It works fine here on my screen.

  3. Fantastisch jonk gewoon, das om op te kruipen en nooit meer af te komen.BIG DROOL.

  4. I miss those 'lekkere poepkes', he (Lawrence)and Nils, Noah and Luis are the best.Still like them all.


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