Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hawt Brighton


This is a very personal admission, but I had a strange dream last night… probably one those hidden memory thingies that you normally don't remember… but anyhoo… I was a little sperm and instead of a tail, I had wings when I blasted out of Daddy’s… ummm… nozzle… and somehow I caught an updraft and ended up across the pond – and it was magical!   So… if I had any say at the moment of my creation… it would be this;

1.  I would be from Brighton,
2.  My name would be Jason…. Jason Hawt Blog to be precise,
3.  I would work at that lesbian bookstore by the train station called “Seafront Diary”… I know, such a silly-ass name, and;
4.  My BF would have a few tats!

I know this may seem strange – god knows it is to me but maybe some day in the future it will make sense…  time will only tell….


  1. Oh my how strange is that......

  2. o'allo nozzle bro matey... chip chip... would you like a spot o' tea? Do come around in the next fortnight or so and ring me on the tele(?) jolly ol' chap and we shall have a smashing bloody well good time in ye ole counsel pub and we'll down a warm pint 'o Guinness and toast the grand ole dame Liddybett... ta ta... hug hug... smashing I say ole chap... smashing!

    Wow!! In the midst of that I even hummed - God Save the Queens of Brighton!


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