Friday, May 09, 2008

This is Not a Political Rant… however…

You will notice that I do not use this as a forum for my personal or political thoughts, other than some stupid little confession I made a few weeks back. So here goes…

Hillary… maybe it’s time to concede... gracefully. OK… a few premises… I’m Canadian… I was a big Hillary supporter earlier in the campaign, and I thought all this Barak business was just a little too “American hype” stuff that would blow over like the “Pet Rock”. I also think Bill Clinton was one of the greatest presidents in my lifetime, although it can easily be argued that Ronald Reagan, even with the gay “genocide” he let happen by denying AIDS existence, and Richard Nixon with all his shit, probably had a much greater impact on the world stage. Back to being Canadian… Because we have little identity of our own, most of our identity stems from the fact that we are NOT American. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE AMERICANSindividually. Having many American friends through my occupation and from just living in Toronto which is so close to the border, individually, Americans are the nicest people you could ever meet. Put them together… ouch.. all the graciousness and acceptance for things in the world that are “not American” just get thrown out the window. Winston Churchill, in my estimation, summed it up best… “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else.” Hopefully we are finally leaving this period of trying everything else, specifically George Bush and the Cheney-Wolfowitz-Rumsfeld-on and on and on ultra right-wing crap that you American folks (as a group) have been shoving down the rest of the worlds throats since George’s “Your with us or your with them” epiphany.

Back to Hillary...

Dear Hillary, I sincerely request on behalf of the rest of the world, that instead of extending all your energy on trying to define yourself as the only candidate that can beat John Bush… err.. McCain, perhaps a better use of your time and resources might be spent on redefining America’s voice in the world and trying to defeat those that undermine it. I understand that you feel because you are white that you have a much a better chance of attracting all those bible-thumping rednecks, but I have to ask you, is that the group you really want to become beholden to? Have we not all just had a little too much of that? Just maybe, becoming a well-respected elder statesman of the likes of Ted Kennedy and Al Gore would promote your obvious need for political dynasty much better than trying to bring to the surface racial tensions that can so easily bitterly divide your party and country. I understand you want to win, that you are a determined and seasoned opponent, but really, what is it that you are fighting for? As a Canadian that felt “my heart torn out” as well on 9/11, I long for a new voice of America, one that represents all those Americans that… individually I know, love, and respect so much, and which, it seems on the world stage, have been silent for so long. Seems to me that if we're all working together, we might just get some things in the world sorted out. Best regards, Steve


  1. Thanks for your post. I can assure you that, as an American, I took no offense whatsoever--and polls show that upwards of 70 % of Americans now believe that the Bush administration has given us yet another failed presidency. We call our president the "leader of the free world," and if only by default, he or she is exactly that. That means that free people everywhere may offer their opinions on our leaders--and last I checked, Canada was still part of the Free World! Most Americans can now see what was blindingly obvious to the rest of the world years ago. And Senator McCain, while a decent man, offers nothing more than a continuation of the failed policies of the Bush administration. Senator Obama is now the presumptive nominee of his party, and the only candidate with a chance to defeat McCain in November. I strongly agree that it is time for Senator Clinton to devote her considerable talents and energy to the upcoming election. Time for a housecleaning in Washington!

  2. Thanks John... I almost took it off several times in case someone misinterpreted it as being anti-American or potentially, in translation to other languages, as having some unintentional meaning. The moderate voice of America is long overdue and I think will be welcomed with open arms.. I just hope you guys make sure someone like Bush doesn't happen again... kind of like how I feel about our current Bush-wannabe PM.

  3. AnonymousMay 25, 2008

    No, With Clinton we win the white house.

    Obama cannot !

    NO MORE picking losers, the dem party needs to stick with Clinton or as I came into this party with a Clinton I will leave it with one !

    ONLY Clinton 08 !

  4. As a Canuck, I like 'em both, and would be satisfied either way. But it seems to me that Obama instills an enthusiasm that I have never seen in my lifetime, and perhaps that can spill over onto the world stage to help repair some of the damage GW has done. Not that Clinton can't, but it might be easier for Obama. Again, from the perspective of a Canadian, I just hope that the supporters of both sides unite when the time comes and channel everything they've got into keeping the Republicans out of the White House. Appears to me that both candidates are tempering their attacks on each other with that goal in mind.

  5. And let's not turn this into a forum to attack each candidate please... unless of course it's McCain. When I posted this rant, it appeared that Clinton was trying to bring racial tensions to the surface, so it may have inadvertently appeared anti-Clinton, but was really meant as "please don't do that".
    Thanks :)


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