Thursday, May 15, 2008

Incredible News

Not to rain on California's parade with the gay marriage stuff... I mean, to us Canucks, that's so... ummm... 2005 or '04... old news anyway... my news is soooo much more important. Earlier this evening I had my 2,000th visitor in one day!!!! Isn't that incredible?!?! I mean, the Pope was even on the other day! Gotta be, who else in Vatican City would have a computer? The power I have is amazing... yet humbling... I've even turned 25 Iranians gay, or at least "Hawt Twink friendly", in a country where no fag has ever existed before. Even someone from China, in the midst of their earthquake, took a little time out to visit, a respite of sorts I guess. Can't remember the name of that country that had all that flooding last week, but I'm sure, in my own little way, that their visit to my blog was as welcome as a bag of rice. So I promise to continue my humanitarian efforts and always provide a safe haven for all disenfranchised people throughout the world... without the need for praise or recognition... this is my commitment to all humanity.


  1. AnonymousMay 15, 2008


    You have a great site!

  2. ummmm... of course I realize that most of the blogs I link to get 2,000 visitors per hour, but it was big news to me, considering 2 weeks ago I was getting 400 a day. Hmmmm... maybe I need to get laid.


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