Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dear NeoCounter...

Dear NeoCounter, YOU SUCK!!! I guess you could say that perhaps I was a little naive in believing that part about it being free on your website. I mean it's not as if you tried to imply deceitfully that if you wanted to pay you had choices of bouncing balls, spinning boxes, and other flashing ugly things. And if you were a cheap bastard like me, then your FREE choice was limited to, what I actually thought was your most attractive counter thingy, the flags and counts of all the visitors with a nice black background. You know, it never really worked the way it was supposed to either, the map that is supposed to pop up showing where the f' that country you never heard of is located, like that Italy place. But did I complain to you? No, I thought it was FREE... like you said... and thought who I am I to complain. I mean, what if you said.. we're so sorry you're dissatisfied sir and we'll gladly refund your money. I'd feel a little foolish wouldn't I having to admit I didn't pay a damn thing for it, and you'd wanna know why, and then I'd have to say that I thought it was too expensive. Your natural response might be something like, well sir it's only 16.95 of whatever that bloody foreign currency is, you know the one that kind of looks like a telephone handset with an "equals sign" in the middle of it. Anyway... sir it's only 16.95 a year, or 1.4125 per month, or 0.04643 per day, how f'n cheap are you? You can see my dilemna, especially about the currency thing, whatever that odd symbol is, it just looks expensive, probably like a million dollars. Besides, I'm Canadian, we're supposed to be cheap - we are the lesbians on the world stage. Anyway NeoCounter, I may be a cheap bastard, but you still suck!! You may have noticed that I don't do ads, so I can assure you that the last f'n ad that will ever be on my site - IS YOURS. Take your flags and that telephone handset thing and shove 'em up your ass!! F U!!


  1. I did like the way it counted though, said I had something like 50,000 visitors in two weeks. Also liked the way a new little flag or two would pop up each day. Made me feel so "worldly" and sophisticated. Inspired me quite a bit too, from an international perspective, and I think was partly responsible for some of the humanitarian efforts my blog is now internationally recognized for.

  2. Received this from the NeoWorx folk...

    "I hope that you enjoyed testing our Premium widgets. Your trial period ended a few days ago and your tools reverted to their free version.

    You probably noticed that your widgets are no longer customizable and no longer display as much information as before:"

    Oh... so now it was a Premium widget and I was testing it was I, well why call it FREE you bastards?!?! And the little part about "reverted to their free version", you mean like a big f'n ad? Why not just say... you'll get something nice for 2 weeks, and then it will turn into an ugly scrolling piece of shit.

    This is the end of this rant... promise :)

  3. No wonder the ad's ugly. They seem to be German, and have you seen that 'Pink Triangle' memorial? I don't think I've ever seen anything so utterly, totally, downright despicably ugly. It looks like one of those concrete pillboxes that are still around left over from WWII.

  4. oh that's nice... my second largest nationality of HAWTies are German, and you start on about their hats. There are large Swiss and Spanish HAWTie contingents too, any fashion generalizations you'd like to make about them? Are you that fashionista I shooed away the the other day?

  5. Well, I kinda know what is it like...

    ... anyway, I hope you were joking about Italy, weren't you?

  6. yes... about the euro too :)
    Tried to make it so "over the top" that no one would take offense.. so none was intended... except to NeoWorx/NeoCounter... and still think they suck!

  7. No, it can't be me. I'm not a fashionista, I'm a socialista! I can even sing 'Bandiere Rossa'.


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