Thursday, August 02, 2007

Noah Hathaway


  1. Magnificent. A worderful collection! Thank you so much for your selection and arrangements. Truly enjoyable!

  2. AnonymousJuly 17, 2008

    I loved him in The Never Ending Story
    If it is that guy
    He has the same name so i guess so
    Hes proppa hot


  3. No, NOT the same Noah Hathaway... but a hottie all the same!!

  4. I agree with Tim,he's not the same Noah,that noah was also in the old series of Battlestar galactica,playing Boxey.But I like this Noah also

  5. I'm dead sure this is NOT the same Noah that appeared in The Neverending Story. This guy is taller and more skinny, Noah is only 173cm, he has more body hair, Noah "Atreyu" is part indian and rather smooth all over. this guy has blue eyes, Noah has dark brown, and is also now heavily tattoed. The former actor N.H. appears also to be considerably heavier hung, and he almost always smiles on photos. This guy seems to be quite depressed on some of the pics. He's fairly OK, but can't by far give the REAL Noah a match!

  6. i think this Noah Hathaway is a lot younger than the Noah Hathaway of Neverending Story... but I should say...he's a hottie...

  7. I had sex with him!!! ahahahahaha lol true story though we went to high school together.


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