Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pose Redux - 04/16/07

This was my first Pose set back on April 16, 2007.  I use this cool little program called "PictureRelate" that scans all the pictures I have and looks for dupes, based on image criteria, not just file name or size.  I really hate when I post the same picture more than once in the same category. All pictures that I have set to post in the future go through this process and it catches about 95% of the dupes so only the odd picture gets through.  Since most of you have not seen these pictures before (on this blog anyway) I am thinking about reposting them as "Redux" posts, in addition to the posts I normally do daily.   After all... hawt boys stand the test of time and deserve a second look:) This is just a test... whether to continue with it depends on your comments.


  1. HAWT boys always stand the test of time. Some just keep on giving.

  2. thank you' i'll use it at wort and we'll see how it deals with 3000 photos :)

  3. HAWT boys do indeed stand the test of time.
    I wpoldlove to see them.

  4. I'm always in favor of more Cyrille Thouvenin no matter what!! duplicate him as much as possible...

  5. revisiting the past? Always such a good idea.

  6. The last one - who is?

    Keep postin'! =))

  7. Your site is always top of my list - and I genuinely appreciate the time you spend, the quality - and the attention to detail. Many thanks - and the redux concept is terrific. Cheers - Matt

  8. Last one is Cyrille Thouvenin.

    Also, thanks Matt :) xo


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